It started from a grandmother’s love.

On Yongcho island in Korea, a child named Jinwha had a severe atopic skin disease called eczema. Especially in winter time, his skin would get drier and he would scratch a lot, making the problem worse.

He used many different kinds of creams to moisture his skin, but nothing could help. One day, a miracle Happened, his eczema disappeared.

Everyone wondered how he got better.

The main reason is because his grandmother washed him with seaweed water everyday, which contains the ingredient - Fucoidan.


Seaweed-Ear Extract (Fucoidan)

Boost Immune system Anti-bacterial

Camellia Oil

Moisture skin

Sea Squirts Extract (glycosaminoglycan)

Revitalized collagen Increase cell regeneration

Olive Oil

Moisture skin

Betaine, Panthenol

Powerful moisturizing effect

Joint Collaboration work with Gyeongsang National University, Marine Science

This product is invented and manufactured by, Beyong Dae Choi, Professor of Gyeongsang National University, Marine Food Science & Technology and ItoB Corporation. The essential elements of Fucoidan (Seaweed) and glycosaminoglycan (Sea Squirt) are registered in the international patent organization: (Application No. 10-2012-0054488 / International Patent Application No. PCT/KR2012/009070).